Childcare Breakdowns Have Huge Impact

For Families. 74% of moms and 66% of dads work days have been interrupted by childcare needs 8 days a year work days parents miss due to childcare gaps 15% of employers offer care benefits, though 86% of employees want them
For Employers. $57 billion in lost wagesand productivity annually. 74% of women dropping out of the workforce cite childcare as the reason why. 90% of parents working remotely during COVID-19 are struggling to juggle work and care

Flexable’s On-Demand, Virtual Childcare Supports Working Parents by Filling in the Gaps

1:1 care. A cricle with a woman reading a kid a book on their lap
  • Customer meetings
  • Job interviews
  • Remote work
  • Fully vetted, background-checked caregivers
  • Great for back-up care and last-minute work meetings
Group Care. Image in circle of Young woman working with baby on her knees
  • Team meetings
  • Trainings or conferences
  • Networking events
  • Themed-based, hosted activities
  • Small groups, only 5 – 6 users
  • Kids can socialize with peers